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So after all those posts about the L2B ride I’ve only gone and bloody done it!

Getting up at 4am was a bit of a killer but the sun was shining when we got to Clapham Common and everyone was in good spirits.

Riding the 10 or so miles though South London is beautiful, so many amazing sights.

Got to the first big hill and spotted someone on a Ricky Feather frame so sped up so I could talk to him about his bike. An older gent named Charlie, the bike was magnificent and I had my work cut out keeping up with him.

Got a few more miles along and decided to stop and wait for Tobie, Holly and Christian who had fallen behind because of a mechanical issue. Once they had turned up we carried on riding together for a while until myself and Tobie powered off down some of the huge downhill parts. They were awesome until Tobie got a puncture (He gets one every single time we go out on our bikes - time for a new tire mate!). Once that was fixed we made our way up second big hill which was quite enjoyable.

We got ahead of Christian and Holly once more as we picked up the pace heading towards the beacon. I have to admit I wussed out about halfway up it, I definitely hit it too hard too fast and after I started walking up Tobie passed me about 5 minutes later huffing and puffing as he rode to the top.

We rode pretty much flat out until we reached the finish line just after 11am. 5 hours in total which isn’t bad considering we had to stop a few times. You can have a look at the route here: http://app.strava.com/rides/11020129

We said our goodbyes to Christian and Holly and then headed to Wai Kika Moo Kau for a well deserved fry-up.

All in all it was a great day, met some amazing people and made a load of money for a worthy cause.

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